Reggie McHenry, LMSW

Position: Licensed Master Social Worker From University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Social Work
Categories: Telehealth

Reggie is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) who earned his degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Social Work. Reggie has experience working with those dealing with anxiety, ADHD, codependency, depression, grief, PTSD, racial issues, trauma, and more. He has provided services in schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, community centers, and government agencies.
Reggie generally has an eclectic approach but often utilizes strengths-based perspectives and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as points of reference for intervention. He has a passion for helping others to become aware of subconscious patterns, take responsibility for that which is in their control, commit to course correction, & learn ways to cope with the discomfort of change. Reggie strives to create a space for willful souls to embark on adventurous endeavors, discover meaning from life experiences & transform tragedy into triumph.

Note: Mr. McHenry works remotely, providing telehealth services. 

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