Marianne Kadyszewski, LCSW-C

Position: Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical Masters in Social Work from University of Maryland School of Social Work.
Categories: Telehealth

Marianne is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She graduated from the University of Maryland’s School of Social Work. She has been working in the mental health field for almost 25 years. The majority of that time has been as a school-based clinician in a local county high school.

Marianne finds the complexity and energy that teenagers bring to treatment exciting. She not only enjoys working with teenagers but adults of all ages who find themselves struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, crises, and other stressors that are maybe impacting their ability to be the best they can be. Marianne employs such treatment as Cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, and strengths-based modalities. Marianne’s work with teenagers frequently leads to her working with their caregivers/parents as well. She finds this both challenging and rewarding for everyone involved because as solutions are sought, understanding improves, and relationships are rebuilt.

Note: Ms. Kadyszewski works remotely providing Telehealth Services.

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