Jodi Schuleman, LMSW

Position: Licensed Master Social Worker From University of Maryland, School of Social Work
Categories: School-Based

Jodi Schuleman is a Licensed Master Social Worker from the University of Maryland School of Social Work. Her passion for working with children and adolescents has been fueled by her work in both educational and mental health settings. Her experience includes working with clients who are facing challenges with anxiety; depression; grief/loss; self-esteem/body image issues; adjustment disorders; school-related issues; learning disorders; ADHD; family/relationship challenges; peer relationships; LGBTQ and gender identity issues; stress management; social skills challenges, as well as other emotional and behavioral issues.
She provides a warm, healing space where clients can explore their experiences without judgment or fear. She practices a humanistic approach based on the individual’s needs. By using integrative methods of therapy that incorporate a Client-Centered approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), Mindfulness, and expressive modalities(art, music, writing, and play), she allows her clients to identify and achieve personal goals. Jodi works collaboratively with her clients as they integrate skills and techniques in the therapeutic setting that empower her clients to recognize their core strengths, power of resiliency, and self-worth. Helping clients discover and acknowledge their strengths while incorporating new coping strategies is the key to successful therapeutic outcomes.

Note: Ms. Schuleman works in our Baltimore County School-Based Program

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