Jayyidah Clarke, LCSW-C

Position: Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical Masters in Social Work from New York University
Categories: Harford County

Jayyidah Clarke has over 10 years’ experience working as a licensed social worker in the behavioral health field. She believes that each person holds the capacity to utilize their creativity to resolve life’s challenges; working together towards developing new insights that inform change.

Jayyidah believes therapy is most effective when we observe/discuss the challenges, symptoms, or problems that bring you to therapy and also observe/discuss your strengths. Sometimes life brings us opportunities to see ourselves more clearly through that with which we struggle. Jayyidah is a fan of mindfulness-based practices and incorporates this practice when clinically appropriate. She also utilizes CBT and play therapy as needed with children and adolescents. Jayyidah works with all ages and has experience working with individuals with dual-diagnosis or trauma.

Note: Ms. Clarke works in the Harford County Office, located at 2015 Emmorton Rd.

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