Jasmine Lehman, LGPC

Position: Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor from Liberty University
Categories: York- Belvedere

Jasmine firmly believes that today’s world is more complex, alienating, and confusing than ever before. America’s turbulent social, cultural, economic, and political climate can feel all-encompassing, which can create feelings of anxiety, depression, social distrust, and hopelessness. Despite all this, Jasmine has an inextinguishable inner light fed by hope and a deep belief that joy, purpose, and connection are available right here, right now. Jasmine hopes to share this light and belief with all she works with.

Within a therapeutic relationship, Jasmine helps adolescents and adults of all ages discover and affirm their unique personal narrative and worldview. Within counseling, Jasmine’s vibrant and non-judgmental presence empowers clients to learn about themselves and make decisions to improve their mental, emotional, physical, social, and relational health. She is a strong believer that behavioral change, no matter how small, can positively impact one’s everyday life.

Jasmine’s clinical practice is informed by a health and wellness background (if she had pursued nursing, she would have been 4th generation!), 10 years adulting away from home with limited financial resources or career path insight, Buddhist mindfulness/meditation, spirituality informed by a Christian upbringing and adult-commitment to walking with Jesus, nature as a living and interactive companion and finally a deep awareness of the impact of race, class, and gender on one’s internal and external reality.

She looks forward to partnering with any potential client who feels they may be able to “come home” to themselves within the therapeutic safety of her practice. Jasmine enjoys working with the BIPOC community, those with spiritual or religious backgrounds (Jasmine is a follower of Jesus), and sexual minorities.

Ms. Lehman works in our York-Belvedere office.

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