Courtney Matthews, LCPC

Position: Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Masters in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University
Categories: Telehealth

Courtney has spent her career curating a person-centered approach, which allows for the consistent building of strong therapeutic relationships. While earning her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University, Courtney completed her internship at Friendship Public Charter Schools Collegiate Academy, Washington, DC.

In doing this, she was given the opportunity to work with adolescents from diverse economic backgrounds, which expanded her views regarding the definitions of meaningful work within the counseling setting. After receiving her masters, she worked at Turning Point Clinic, Baltimore, MD. Utilizing her experience, she helped individuals suffering from substance use disorders realize the effect internal as well as external factors have on their use. During her counseling sessions, using a combination of techniques including but not limited to mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy, Courtney strives to walk with her patients as they travel down the myriad paths their journey takes them on.

Note: Ms. Matthews works remotely, providing Telehealth Services.

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