Mental Health Professionals Discuss the Return to Normalcy

As we head slowly to the next phase of the pandemic of returning to normal daily life, mental health professionals we spoke with claim, some of their patients are struggling with anxiety as they return to some sense of normalcy.

According to mental health professionals in the area, many patients became accustomed to being isolated, working from home, wearing masks and social distancing. Now as more people get vaccines and restrictions are lifted, some say they’re nervous about returning to normal, or a new normal in some cases.

Some say, life won’t exactly be the same but it’s another major shift for people and even those who may not be struggling with mental health. They tell 47 ABC, people should take their time with this transition. Doing things like still wearing a mask in public, washing your hands more, or staying home if they’re uncomfortable is normal.

“We’re making another change, we’re going through another phase at this point so any change we go through it’s natural for us to have doubt, fear and anxiety, says Jonathan Pobst, a Master Social Worker with Balance Point Wellness. You made it through the last big change, when we shut down you made it through, you adjusted and at that point, you probably had similar feelings then. You made it through that, you’re gonna make it through this one too.

Pobst also reminds people that this next phase could come with a lot of stress, so if you were taking measures to deal with stress before, you should still continue to do so. Whether that would be talking with a mental health professional, taking a mental health day, or even going for walks during the day.

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